Sunday, June 13, 2010

Robe Race 2010 (anyone still read this thing??)

It's been like 2 months since the 2010 Robe Race went down. Being that I organized the thing, you'd think I'd have a bit more sense of urgency in sharing a recap, photos, &/or at least just the news that, miraculously, the event went incredibly smoothly. Hmm .. better late than never, I guess.

BTW, I'd really love to keep TRL somewhere a bit closer to the front burner, like we used to do .. but the sad truth is, just like the mighty cheetah captures the swift, graceful gazelle, the other parts of my adult life have chased down, subdued, & more or less devoured this part. I'm not necessarily complaining. Those "other parts" are generally pretty great too, they're just inherently at odds with my old school bloggin' style -- this ain't Twitter or a Facebook status update, after all. I have two bosses -- one that sends me paychecks, & another one that I live with who's way prettier -- and neither one of them keep me around for my mega-slow file uploads, endless tinkering with digital photos, or crippling bouts of late night writer's block. This shit takes a lot of time, & that's not even considering the actual kayaking & travel parts.

In reality I (we) are still getting out, getting after it, & painting the canyons around the PNW & BC red (errr, maybe "brown" would be more accurate?). As for the bloggins, I'll get around to monkeying around with photos & telling tall tales when I can. In the case of the Robe Race, "when I can" happens to be 8 weeks later. Oh, & of that new, possible-2nd-but-pretty-effin'-complete-descent, well, I'll get to that soon too.

Here are a bunch of photos of the Robe Race that a couple friends were kind enough to share.

((The following gorgeous images are courtesy of Michael Hanson. Do yourself a favor & check out Michael's work by following this link!))

At 9:00a.m., we had high water on the Robe. So we decided to wait it out & let the warm, sunny weather work its magic. By Noon, we were a hair below 6 feet & dropping, so we decided it was time for the main event.

The Robe Race starts with a bang .. the view down into the Tunnel rapids from the starting line eddy

Hale & Doof out of the gate .. Also, special thanks to our starting line crew, Heather, Liv, Erin & Jesse!

Canucks came all the way from Canadia for the race .. stoked they did!

TRL Original Gangsta Shane Robinson dusting off Ye Olde Gus for the race .. coincidentally, the innards of this boat also received a thorough rinse job during Shane's race lap.

For Race Day 2010, we had a nice fluffy & splashy water level

2010 champions Brian Fletcher & Aaron Johnson keepin it tight & fast through Last ("Little Miss") Sunshine

Muchas gracias to Hilary, part of the safe crew

Fredgnar stylin' the light-brown quasi-stouts, brah!

I'm realizing now that all these trees now have tons of foliage on them & the canyon is very, very green

Approaching T2's gloriously lofty boof .. I think this might be Don & Darcy (hey Darcy, I'll get around to amending your race time one of these weeks ..promise.)

LOVE this overhead shot .. Nice stuff Michael!

yessss .. almost Beer:30

We provided plenty of food & beer at the takeout, which I think was a nice treat

Andrew O!

The after-party scene .. note Tret trying to warm up his little hibachi while the ever watchful Robe Gnome, who will be going home to Bellingham with Tret & Wayrad, looks on in the background.

Brian F dons the Winner's Robe

((The following photos are from RT & Owen at the Finish Line!))

Half of last yr's winning team, the always jolly badass Rob McKibbin

Hey that's me .. either laughing, yelling, or probably mouth breathing

Slalom dudes Louis G & Kurt B kept it tight like prom night all the way to the finish line

Little D & JP

My pahdnah, Bryan Smith, stoked to be done

Classic! Wayrad & Tretwold swimming to the finish line, to take DFL

Congrats boys, you truly earned the Robe Gnome this year!

Team Oz putting in a respectable time .. plus, in true Dingo fashion, these guys experienced Granite Falls culture in a most raw & pure way: back-to-back all-night benders with the GF locals .. now that's husky!

Kiwi Sam & CO Ken

Brock's got flare

Finish Line scene

Tret's Rain-dog is a swim survivor

Drew & Fish

((The parting shot is mine ..))

Recently had the Robes embroidered with this year's winners' names. Unlike general blogging, I'm super motivated to keep the Robe Race going next year & to keep the tradition of the Winner's Robes & the Robe Gnome alive. Hope we can pull it off in 2011!


Chipper said...

Thanks for showcasing a Washington river home of the best kayaking in the world

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work as always TRL! Wish you would post more often, but we understand ;)

Anonymous said...

1. Yeah, people still read this.
2. Love the refs to "brown" and "gnar" - keepin' it alive.
3. Sorry you guys have to endure crappy runs like Robe.

But I think you know all of that. Keep it coming when you can...always quality stuff...thanks.

Anonymous said...

As always great reading and fantastic photos. Damn- gotta get out of London- not much paddling here.
Please keep it up!

Hale said...

Better late than never! Always nice to read and the eye candy does not disapoint! The robe race was a super fun event this year.

Anonymous said...

You guys fly all over the world in planes, helicopters, boats, and trucks AND promote the anti-IPP mentality? What a fucking joke. You are doing absolutely nothing towards climate change while thinking you are so environmentally sensitive. Narrow minded NIMBY simple folk eh?

Todd Gillman said...

hi anonymous. care to engage in a rational discussion? cuz if you do, i invite you to repost without flying off at the mouth & being a douche .. then we can talk about what we actually stand for & what we actually do. thanks, friend!