Tuesday, April 27, 2010

2010 Robe Race Results

Congrats to the new kings of the Robe, Aaron Johnson & Brian Fletcher! Training pays off. The coveted Winners' Robes will be staying in Seattle this year .. but I have to wonder if these beautiful, embroidered Robes might end up showing the telltale signs of being in the care of native calf-ropin' Montanans: you know, those "dip can circles" in the back pockets of the Wranglers of every man, woman & child from Montana? Royal Blue satin damages easily, boys, take care of them Robes.

The Robe Gnome (prize for DFL finisher) this year goes to the inaugural race's 2nd place finishers, Chris Tretwold & Ryan Bradley, who both actually SWAM TO THE FINISH LINE trailing their boats .. setting a new standard for slow-ass-slow ..

The Golden Glove award for MVP safety boater goes to Hood River rat Jay Gifford, who bagged like 4 swimmers at Catcher's Mitt.

Shhurdle got the Stein Weasel award, but he always wins that ..

Here are the complete results.

(1) Aaron Johnson / Brian Fletcher (27:56)
(2) Rob McKibbin / Ben Hawthorne (28:45)
(3) Kurt Braunlich / Louis Geltman (29:07)
(4) Jon Prentice / Darren Albright (30:38)
(5) Sean Bozkewycz / Adrian Kiernan (31:59)
(6) Bryan Smith / Todd Gillman (32:52)
(7) Hale Hannaway / Jon Dufay (33:58)
(8) Brad Xanthopoulos / Marco Colella (34:23)
(9) Jonathan Ehlinger / Andrew Oberhardt (36:10)
(10) Scott Waidelich / Nick Hinds (36:41)(S)
(11) Steve Arns / Matt Kompass (36:50)
(12) Fred Norquist / Niko Peha (38:03)(S)
(13) Ken Olivier / Sam the Kiwi (40:27)
(14) Shane Robinson / Brock Gavery (40:54)(S)
(15) Don Beveridge / Darcy Gaechter (41:30)(S)
(16) Chris Tretwold / Ryan Bradley (55:15)(S)

Racer group shot at the starting line. (thanks for the pic, Erin P.)

So, in all the chaos & exhaustion at the end of the race, I totally blew it. I really wanted to pass the hat for our good pal Matt Thomas, who raced in the inaugural Robe Race, but who is now dealing with this pesky paralysis issue. Matt will be heading to San Diego for Project Walk, a spinal cord injury rehab facility. He's excited for the opportunity ... but ... the cost is about $1,200/week, & insurance covers exactly $0.00/week. So that's why we're shaking the tree on his behalf. Please, if you are able, make a PayPal donation through MATT'S BLOG. Thanks!

*** I'll work on a proper recap with lots of photos & stories as soon as I can. Email me your best photos of the day if you want them included. Back to work!***


David said...

Looking forward to the pics of the race. Surprised the winner (Aaron) won by almost a full minute.

Shane Robinson said...

The Waidelich/Hinds team gets a tip of my hat. 36 minutes with a swim is one impressive time. Had I not ditched my paddle like a skeerd little girl on my swim, we might have been closer to breaking 40 minutes.

Good work everyone!

Anonymous said...

TG, lets see a fotog or two of that last hole. I can't remember the name of it. Got any?
I've been dying to see a good perspective of it ever since Robinson lead me straight into the beast!

Darcy said...

I'm not normally too eager to have my swims posted on blogs, etc...but I feel I need to set the record straight here:

Don and I didn't go that damn slow for no good reason. I took a swim and crushed our hopes of glory. Not sure why we didn't get the lovely (S) next to our names:(


Andrew Oberhardt said...

We are in the news (sort of):

Nice work, attention hounds...


Jonathan said...

I love paddling about in my little plastic tub!

The Rhys said...

just looking for killer photo ops--let me know if you have any interest

Monk said...

Where is that update about some Squamish exploratory trip that I was promised a few weeks back?