Wednesday, March 23, 2011

2011 Robe Race Announcement

Calling all racers & volunteers & shit-tawkers. Race date tentatively scheduled for the weekend of 4/30 - 5/1. Comments are open: please respond with your team (of 2), or your willingness to participate as a volunteer (specify how), or your predictions of who will dominate vs who will be dominated upon (please don't be douchey).


Jonathan said...

I do believe Scott and I will be racing as a team.


Joe said...

Put us down for bringing some carnage.
Joe Howard / Mike Nash

Jon said...

No plans, no partner at this time-- there is a likelyhood I will race or volunteer- gotta cough up some of this lung butter and sharpen up my game though if I am to reach the finifsh line intact**cough!**Otherwise, it looks like she's wearing a whole new Robe! I haven't seen it since the old one was discarded...

Jonathan said...

Is lung butter code for bong resin?

Ian said...

South Carolina shamelessly supports Rob McFlippin to regain the title.

andrewmcewan said...

Louis Geltman/Andrew McEwan. Here comes the water, right on time.

Darren said...

Darren A. & Cody B.

Todd Gillman said...

at the moment, i'm looking at SATURDAY for the race. this could change, so check back.

the field, as it stands right now:
* scott waidelich / jonathan ehlinger
* brett barton / chris totten
* joe howard / mike nash
* louis geltman / andrew mcewan
* darren albright / cody b.
* darcy gaechter / don beveridge
* ben hawthorne / rob mckibbin
* fred norquist / jure poberaj
* brian fletcher / aaron johnson

wow, short list thus far. where are the regulars? i know there's a bunch of others planning on coming out to this .. please register your teams asap okay?


Todd Gillman said...

okay y'all .. my right hand man is not available to help me on saturday morning, which throws a wrench in the works. i need you all to weigh in on whether we race either:

(a) later in the day on Saturday
(b) early sunday

flow & weather forecast suggest saturday is the better day race, but we'd be looking at an afternoon start time.

talk to me people .. cast your vote please.

Ben said...


Leif said...

Ok, Chris and I are in and we're gunning for the gnome as we've become somewhat attached to him over the past year.

Todd Gillman said...

I heard back from enough people that wanted to race SATURDAY, so we're going to meet at the takeout in Granite Falls at 1:00pm tomorrow (Saturday). Spread the word please.

We'll have quick volunteers/competitors meetings .. then it's go time. PLEASE be sensible about using the parking area at the takeout: park so as many vehicles can fit in the space as possible; do not block traffic; don't play frogger with the cars on the highway; keep your recreational substances out of sight; be courteous to the civilians; pick up after yourself.

Same goes for the put-in parking lot. Use the turn-out at the top of the hill for parking.

It's kind of difficult to do this, but let's try to attract as little attention as possible.

Got questions or concerns? Lemme know.