Sunday, May 01, 2011

2011 Robe Race Results

Very thankful for all the participation in the Robe Race this year, grateful for all the volunteer support, & happy to report that the whole thing went off without a hitch! A chilly wet start to the day gave way to a mostly sunny finish & thankfully the localized precip helped stabilize the flow early in the week .. I never stressed a bit about water levels, as our pre-race weather was keeping things in the sweet spot. Would have been nice to see it at 5.5, but 5.3 is a great race level. Not a single swim was reported all day (not even in the safety crew!) Pretty sure that everyone who raced or volunteered got at least one sandwich .. I made like 20 lbs of sandwiches for the afterparty. And i know everyone got their share of beer .. we went through an astounding number of cases when it was all said & done. And how 'bout that afterparty patio scene??? Best one yet, by far. Seemed like everyone had a good time & felt reasonably safe while on the course.

The top end was very competitive this year .. fast times given the flow. Here are the results:

1. ROBES: Darren Albright & Tao Berman (28:34)
2. Louis Geltman & Andrew McEwan (29:02)
3. Brian Fletcher & Aaron Johnson (30:15)
4. Ben Hawthorne & Rob McKibbon (30:48)
5. Lane Jacobs & Jamie Wright (31:05)
6. Fred Norquist & Jure Poberaj (32:13)
7. Jonathan Ehlinger & Scott Waidelich (32:32)
8. Leif Embertson & Chris Tretwold (34:05)
9. Brett Barton & Chris Totten (34:31)
10. Mike & Joe Howard (35:28)
11. Jon Dufay & Jon Prentice (37:06)
12. GNOME: Steve Arns & Matt Kompass (38:30)

I got a handful of good photos from the start line that i haven't uploaded yet, & I know Shane probably has a bunch more. We'll try to get some of those posted by the end of the year ...

Thanks again, everyone, for coming out & celebrating Robe Canyon , for making race day 2011 an awesome time, & for reigniting my stoke for paddling!

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