Thursday, May 05, 2011

Apres Robe Race Festivites

Batch Two. Beer Drinkin' and Award Announcin'

Whatcha all doin' this weekend?

Hey, who shrunk Rado?

The Robe Gnome looking for his next home.

A previous Robe winner and a previous Robe loser.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When you find a deck under a bridge, throw a deck party.

The party goers.

The pooches - Rado.





Time for the awards

The envelope, please.

The handing over of the robes.

Tao's stand in for the podium.

Gnome headed north.

Um .... the ... yeah. Be sure you don't miss the zany antics next year.

Until then ....


Melina said...

I'd like to order two Lunas, please.

Jed Hawkes said...

Jp either getting Ornery, or telling it like it is...

Kayak Rack Mack said...

Who let the travelocity gnome loose?

Jule Gust said...

So, when is the 2012 race? Are you guys organizing it? I've heard rumblings on Professor Paddle about a specific date, but only nebulous info as to who is supposed to organize this. Reason I'm asking - we want to top our three potential local races with a triple cascade crown that comes with swag!