Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Robe Race Imagery

Thanks Todd for another great race day on The Robe. Thanks everyone for showing up, twas good to see and meet many of you (some of whom I haven't seen since last Robe Race). Hope to see you again before Robe Race '12.

I don't have much else to add, but here's batch one of my photos. Hope you enjoy.

Calling all boaters. A good turnout for Robe Race '11.

The three B's: Beer, Blondes, and Brock.

Racer's Meeting.

The coveted Robe.

The possibly more coveted Leif ... er, Gnome.

Time for some racing. Brian Fletcher - Hole in the Wall.

The Robe Race: Lost in the Rapids, Won in the flats. AJ and BF.

Repeat after me: Lost in the Rapids, Won in the flats. Rob and Ben cranking.

Rob and Ben trying to reclaim the robes.

Louis Geltman & Andrew McEwan coming into Hotel California.

Textbook drafting.

Little D, leading his team through Hotel California.

Fred Mercury Norquist & Jure Poberaj

Lane Jacobs. Despite lower water than last year, times were fast and competitive.

Jamie Wright @ Glory Boof #3.

Barton and Totten.

Jonathan Ehlinger & Scott Waidelich

Jon Dufay

JP and Jon

Team Canadia. Steve and Matt.

Chris Tretwold.


The Safety Boaters. Thanks Team!

The Fans.

Stay Tuned for the after party pics. Coming soon ...


Brett Barton said...

Great photos, Shane. Definitely will be back next year.

Sean Bozkewycz said...

Yep nice pics. Thanks for putting this on again fellas, those shots made me feel like i didn't miss it completely.

Hope it happens again in 2012

Shane Robinson said...

Thanks guys.