Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I. Piero's new boats
II. Bryan's New-Tatlow update
III. Todd's new photo blog
IV. Evan's new buckle

OK, let's do this!

Received double-great news from Piero down in Cusco, Peru. First & most importantly, Piero & his family, as well as Kurt Casey & his family are all A-OK in the wake of last week's terrible earthquake along coastal Peru. Our thoughts are with the many Peruvians suffering from the damage & loss .. Second, Piero has successfully recovered all of the boats that we abandoned deep in the Huallaga ditch the other week. According to Piero, when he went to the Chaglla area (where he stands out like a sore thumb), a random person found him & told him about a man who retrieved some kayaks from out of the Huallaga. Apparently this guy took the boats to his little community somewhere back along the trail in the canyon. Piero followed this lead & on the way there happened across some more info leading him right to the man's house. The guy who had the boats spent from dawn to dusk getting the boats up & out, and then turned them over to Piero with no hassles. The best part of this, besides the fact that it only took him 2 days all tolled, is that Piero is once again proudly padddling Damon's old H3.



Bryan sez:
Tatlow was so effing sick today! Perfect flows. Some really good news: It's completely clean. Now the sieve portage is actually a good rapid. Ran everything today. Little Dave's Hole was a sick line. Boof right on the left side and ride it out. You can now run Tatlow with only one small hassle at the bottom below the log waterfall.

I think it will stay in for the weekend. It is perfect right now and slightly dropping, but it looks like a sunny day. Might come back up some. Box was looking close yesterday. Either way this weekend will be good. Looking at doing a mad bomb in the afternoon tommorow. I bet we get laps down to 45 minutes this year.

Jonaven was not joking that his boat was burried under some snow...can't believe there is no wood in the run. This is a big avalanche at the put-in.

Bryan dropping into the second big waterfall.

photo by Effigy

Lane Jacobs styling the old portage...now a great rapid

photo by Bryan Smith

The final series...

photo by Bryan Smith

Excavators in the mine run...watch out!

photo by Bryan Smith

Full report & lots of pics forthcoming, so stay tuned!


File this one under "shameless self promotion".
I have a photography habit which occasionally produces an image that I actually enjoy looking at more than once. The subject matter of most of these shots rarely has anything to to do with kayaking & so they aren't really appropriate for inclusion on this blog .. so, I started another blog, called PIKE OR PINE, where I'll dump a photo or two as often as I feel like it. No jibberish, just pics, & open comments. Go check it out if you're bored at work.


File this one under "Other people's news that's worthy".
I love this:

For years while living in Fort Collins, we talked about doing an unofficial race on the Narrows of the Poudre, a run that I have probably done more times than any other, except for maybe the New or Gauley. Well, we never got it together while I was around, but the local crew, headed up by Evan "Dotcom" Stafford, finally *did* organize a race last year -- the Inaugural Poudre Gnarrows Race. This year's "event" (if you can call it that) was held recently, but the real action was all the smack talk leading up to game day. Bear witness, if you haven't already. Be forewarned though, that's SIX PAGES of hilarious & totally offensive spray emanating from the blowholes of a handful of Cool-a-RAD-oh's finest & most accomplished shit talkers.

Next, the actual race. You can read Dotcom's (this year's Gnarrows Champeeeen) awesome write-up on the race HERE .. & don't forget to watch the VIDEO.

Maybe I'll have to make a special '08 appearance to remind those kids who OWNS that run ;-)


Anonymous said...

yeah, tatlow. But the pics are toooo big. I am not rich enough to own a big monitor and its annoying to scroll to see the pic. Take it down a notch, please

~ poor kayaker on old computer.

Todd Gillman said...

10-4 ..